2023 BTC National Forum 1-Day Ticket – May 4


Start Date: May 4, 2023
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This is a 1-day ticket for May 4.

Join us to hear stories from men as they discuss their experiences as gay and trans dads, and as Black fathers supporting Black mothers and babies. We will also have a special performance of the Voices of Renaissance Children’s Choir from the Boston Renaissance Charter Public School.


Maternal Child Health. Mother-Infant Dyad. What about fathers? And the male providers in classrooms, clinics, home visiting, and other services for expectant families and families with young children?

Men are critically important to children’s development, learning and wellbeing, yet they are often little more than an afterthought in supports and programming for families. When father engagement is the focus, it is frequently limited to “masculinizing” waiting rooms with Sports Illustrated and Car and Driver magazines and undergirded with negative assumptions and fears. 

Families are changing, and so is fatherhood. So many men want to be more involved in raising their children. Yet they’re not always welcome when they show up at programs and services for families. Programs and providers are often unprepared to open up space for fathers and the other men in children’s lives.

BTC’s 2023 virtual National Forum: All About Fathers* and the Men* in Children’s Lives (*cis- and transgender) will bring together fathers and the men in children’s lives for a series of conversations that

  • Provide fresh perspectives on the many facets of masculinity that fathers and men bring to children and families 
  • Shift mindsets about the roles of fathers and men in children’s lives – from the beginning and before 
  • Build awareness of cultural, ethnic, and racial differences and similarities in father roles, and in the supports and barriers for fathers’ involvement in their children’s lives 
  • Understand fatherhood as a developmental process across the lifespan  
  • Explore the role of fathers’ relationships with children’s mothers, whether cohabiting or romantically involved or not, in their involvement in their children’s lives 
  • Affirm fathers and men who work with children and families for their essential role in children’s lives – from the beginning and before.

We’ll also hear from a father who is a children’s book author about deep looking and love, at this year’s T. Berry Brazelton Award Ceremony!

Explore the full Forum agenda at the Forum website.

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