NBAS Advanced Training in the Assessment of Neurobehavioral Functioning in Infants (NOV 2024)

$495.00 / Seat

Start Date: November 7, 2024
Contact Hours: 12

Work to refine your NBAS administration and scoring skills

Registration deadline is November 1, 2024

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This two-day course starts with an introduction to the history, conceptual framework, and the content of the Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Scale (NBAS), providing a thorough overview of the neurobehavioral repertoire of the young infant, its developmental trajectory, and the individual differences that may be observed from the very moment of birth. On the second day, work to refine NBAS administration and scoring skills. Neurobehavioral observations will be expanded to better capture the challenges seen in infants with varying degrees of regulation and dysregulation. Advanced concepts of best performance and examiner facilitation will be discussed and demonstrated through the observation and scoring of two filmed NBAS. This course provides advanced understanding of the relationship between the examiner and the infant during the administration of the NBAS.

Audience: This course is well suited for clinicians who wish to utilize the NBAS for assessment purposes in the clinical setting, as well as for practitioners trained in the NBO who would like advanced understanding of neurobehavioral functioning and examiner facilitation.

Course Format: Live Interactive Webinars November 7 & 8, 2024, 9am-5pm US Eastern Time each day

CEU/CME credits: NBAS training is approved for 12 hours CME/CEU credit across many disciplines. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Tuition includes the NBAS Manual and NBAS Kit. There is an additional charge for shipping materials outside of the US.


NBAS Training to Reliability

A reliability add-on is offered for those individuals wishing to train on the NBAS to reliability for either clinical or research purposes. Following the two-day workshop, trainees meet with their trainer for up to three two-hour meetings for coaching in administration and scoring skills. Most trainees require practice with about 20 infants to be prepared for certification. Trainees must submit a videotape of themselves administering an NBAS, along with a completed scoring form which is reviewed by their trainer.

Additional charge for NBAS reliability training: $1,105

Tuition includes up to one additional videotape submission if reliability is not achieved on the first submission. There is an additional fee of $300 per submission if reliability is not achieved after two attempts.

Please contact the Director of NBAS training Yvette Blanchard [email protected] prior to registering for the reliability training.

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