$475.00 / Seat

Start Date: November 14, 2023
Contact Hours: 14

Learn how to use the Touchpoints Approach to support staff through reflective coaching and supervision.

Month/year of Touchpoints: The How of Child and Family Engagement *


This training emphasizes the use of Touchpoints Principles and Assumptions as a starting point for mentoring staff as they gain mastery in using the Touchpoints Approach.  It explores how to use Touchpoints as a framework to support reflective practice with staff. The process of reflective practice serves as catalyst for critical thinking about past interactions and enhancing use of the Touchpoints Approach in current and future work with families.

To participate in this training, participants must have previously completed this Brazelton Touchpoints Center training: Touchpoints: The How of Child and Family Engagement.

Course Format:

This course consists of 14 total hours of training, including three 4-hour virtual live sessions and 3 hours of monthly reflective practice. Attendance is required at all live sessions and reflective practice sessions. Sessions are not recorded.

Session dates and times:

November 14, 15, 16 @ 1-5 pm ET / 10-2 pm PT

Dates for reflective practice sessions will be determined at the end of the live sessions.

Number of participants:
Minimum of 10
Maximum of 30


This training is designed for supervisors, mentors, and coaches who have completed the Touchpoints training and whose workforce is learning to integrate the Touchpoints Approach in practice.

Facilitated by:

  • Mindy May,  Director, Partnership and Professional Development
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