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Applying A Developmental-Relational Framework in Working with Adults Who Have Experienced Trauma

Learn about the ways that adults cope with trauma – both as it happens, and later in life – and strategies you can use to support healing and resilience when working with adults and caregivers dealing with current trauma or traumatic histories.

Applying a Developmental-Relational Framework to Building Children’s Early Emotional Health

Learn how to partner with families and caregivers to support children’s healing and the building of resilience.

Beyond Trauma-Informed Care Workshop Series

This three-part webinar series will explore strengths-based foundational concepts and actionable strategies related to trauma, adaptation, healing, and resilience.

Family Connections: Mental Health and Relationship-Building Workshops for Staff and Families (Bundle)

This three-part series provide knowledge, skills, and strategies for strengthening your partnerships with parents, understanding depression, and talking with children about difficult issues.

Honoring Each Person’s Experience to Support Mental Health (May 2023)

In this workshop, you will learn how to adapt and apply reflective practice and perspective-taking to your work with children and families.

Nurturing the Nurturer: Self-care for Providers & Parents (May 2023)

This workshop will explore self-care practices for early care professionals and the families with whom they work.

Overcoming Barriers to Family-Staff Partnerships

This workshop explores some of the challenges and barriers to building relationships between early childhood professionals and families and considers strategies for success.

Parental Depression and Coping During Challenging Times (May 2023)

This workshop will explore the similarities between isolation and depression, paying close attention to the distinct needs and behaviors of parents suffering from depression and anxiety.

Supporting Everyone’s Mental Health (Bundle)

In this workshop, you will learn how to adapt and apply reflective practice and perspective-taking to your work with children and families.

Talking with Children about Difficult Issues

This workshop offers an understanding of how to support family-facing professionals as they share their challenges when discussing sensitive issues, explore strategies for supporting children and families from different backgrounds, and look at ways to take care of themselves during these conversations.

Trauma and Healing When Working with Adults and Children: The Developmental-Relational Perspective

Learn about the impact of toxic stress and traumatic events on the interactions between and among adult family members, children, and providers.

Understanding Depression and Fostering Resilience through an Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Lens

This workshop offers early childhood professionals an opportunity to learn more about the causes and symptoms of depression and how they can better support family-facing professionals in learning about depression.

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