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Applying A Developmental-Relational Framework in Working with Adults Who Have Experienced Trauma

Learn about the ways that adults cope with trauma – both as it happens, and later in life – and strategies you can use to support healing and resilience when working with adults and caregivers dealing with current trauma or traumatic histories.

Applying a Developmental-Relational Framework to Building Children’s Early Emotional Health

Learn how to partner with families and caregivers to support children’s healing and the building of resilience.

Beyond Trauma-Informed Care Workshop Series

This three-part webinar series will explore strengths-based foundational concepts and actionable strategies related to trauma, adaptation, healing, and resilience.

Trauma and Healing When Working with Adults and Children: The Developmental-Relational Perspective

Learn about the impact of toxic stress and traumatic events on the interactions between and among adult family members, children, and providers.

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