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Beyond Trauma-Informed Care: A Developmental-Relational Framework for Engaging Adults and Children in Healing and Resilience (March 2024)


This three-part webinar series will explore strengths-based foundational concepts and actionable strategies related to trauma, adaptation, healing, and resilience.

Development is a Journey: A Conversation Roadmap for Talking with Families (June 2024)


Learn about and practice using the Development is a Journey Conversation Roadmap to enhance the provider-parent partnership and engage parents and other caregivers in planning for their child’s developmental needs.

Hope in the Face of Adversity: Touchpoints in the Context of Substance Use Disorder (May 2024)


Explore how the Touchpoints Approach can help providers create and nurture strong, trusting partnerships with families affected by SUD.

Inside a Child’s Mind: The Touchpoints of Development (Feb 2024)

Learn how you can enter into each child’s world, understand what they are experiencing, and best support their unique developmental process.

Navigating Challenging Conversations Series (AUG 2024)

Explore how culture and bias may affect when and how we experience conversations as challenging.


Partnering with Fathers (June 2024)


Learn strategies to engage fathers in programs and services, and consider ways to support parents as partners.

Strengths-based Family Engagement in Libraries (Feb 2024)

In this series, participants will learn strategies to engage with families, and solve problems together when situations feel challenging.

Strengths-based Family Engagement Workshop Series (May 2024)

Learn strategies that you can immediately apply to your work to further cultivate a strengths-based mindset in your work with families.

Strengths-based Leadership, Mentorship, and Coaching (July 2024)

This workshop offers strategies you can use to further cultivate and sustain a strengths-based approach in your leadership, mentorship and coaching role.

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